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The company "Fortuna" LTD was founded in mid-1992. year. Since 1996 we deal with wholesale water and sewer material.Since 2009. the company was located at Zlatiborska 10, in suburb of Leskovac called Bobište, at the newly built office building containing warehouse and storage, as well as administrative offices. Currently we have seven employees.


Business philosophy and capacity                                                                                                                           

Our business philosophy can be summarize in one sentence: ALL AT ONE PLACE,AT ANY TIME. Extending the accommodations provided the conditions to store the widest range of water and sewerage products of all sizes and made of materials. Since we can provide water supply and sewerage fittings for repair damages to the installation of external and internal plumbing, at any time, most of water supplies and services companies in this part of Serbia, relies on us in its business. Also, our technical sector has extensive experience and expertise in providing advice and making surveys for the selection and application techniques of water supply and sewerage fittings. With our car fleet, we can make delivery to any destination throughout Serbia,and wider by request.


Fortuna Solar

The Fortuna keeps pace with global trends in the form of GREEN ENERGY.On March 15th , the Fortuna LTD's branch - Solar Fortuna begins with the operation of solar power plant capacity of 30 kW, the first of kind in this area. Initially, all generated electricity is distributed to EPS, while during the year, with an additional 10 kW of hybrid panels the company itself is going to be supplied with green energy, which should represent the company's contribution for environment.






We are currently representing French company HUOT in this part of Serbia.



Some of our major customers:

– Vodovod JKP Leskovac

– Vodovod JP Vranje

– Vodovod JP Vlasotince

– Vodovod JP Vladičin Han

– Vodovod JKP Aleksinac


– Vodovod JKP Bujanovac

– Vodovod JP Prokuplje



Some of our major suppliers:


– PEŠTAN LLC - Aranđelovac

– SANIVOD LLC- Beograd

– Poslovnost LLC - Ruma